Current Plans for Construction in 2016 and Beyond.

Scheduled this year (Project Status Sheets are available as they are developed and may be view by clicking on highlighted project name)

The District needs to put the finisning touches on two major projects done over the fall and winter of 2016.  The first is a ravine stabilization and wetland reconstruction at 197th Street and the St. Croix River and the second is an iron enhanced sand filter for the Sand Lake watershed.

The black ash seepage area below the 197th St. ravine reconstruction has been cleared of sediment and awaits final grading and seeding with a native wetland mix this spring.  The iron enhance sand filter installed on Sand Lake will be calibrated and brought on-line this summer while monitoring at this location in the future determines how close the project comes to removing the planned 50-80 pounds of phosphorus from the lake.

A shoreline buffer will be established on Long Lake this spring as the final stage of the Sand and Long Lake Implementation grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Current Multi-Year Projects-

Marine on St. Croix Stormwater  CMSCWD is partnering with the City of Marine on St. Croix and the Board of Water snd Soil Resources (BWSR) to plan and contruct raingardens in certain small lot areas in the City.  The District Administrator and Board member Joel Stedman along with Engineering firm Emmons & Olivier Resources are meeting with City representatives and citizens in 2015 to guage interest with individual property owners who will paritipate in planning over the winter to be ready for construction of prioritized locations in the summer of 2016 and beyound

In addition to 18 raingardens, the proposal plans for 2 larger biofiltration or iron-enhanced sand filters on City owned property.  The total budget through 2018 is $135,000 with 80% being provided by BWSR using Minnesota Land and Legacy dollars.

Goose Lake Water Quality Improvements  The District gave top priority to an iron enhanced sand filter installation on Olinda Lane amoung the four potential practices scheduled with funding by BWSR from the Clean Water Legacy fund.  Preliminary plans were reviewed with the landowner on March 11th with final design and bidding scheduled for this spring.

Developing Projects-Willow Brook Stream Restoration  Concept Plan

Log House Landing Boat Ramp