CMSCWD 2019 Lakes Water Quality Results are Here!

The Carnelian Marine Watershed District monitored 23 lakes in 2019 for water clarity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and nutrients on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.  Our monitoring data is summarized in our lake fact sheets.  These fact sheets are a great way to take a tour of the watershed from home. Each fact sheet reflects a variety of studies and monitoring data that helps tell the story of each lake in the District. 

The District water monitoring data is collected by the Washington Conservation District and reported to the state of Minnesota. Watershed monitoring is a major component of watershed management. The information collected supports sound decision-making by identifying high quality waters and tracking their condition over time, by providing clues to the sources and levels of pollution for waters that are impaired or threatened, by helping managers understand the impacts of human activities within the watershed, and by providing input data used in water quality models.

The fact sheets are available here: Carnelian Marine St. Croix Watershed District’s lake data