District to meet with 2 lake groups

The District Administrator and consultants will meet with two lake owner groups this week.  On Tuesday, the homeowners on Long Lake in May Township will meet to discuss upcoming surveys for eurasian water milfoil and curly leaf pondweed, explore grant possibilities for the treatment of these aquatic invasive species (AIS) and review preliminary concepts for protecting the high quality lakes downstream.  The District received a $9,000 grant from Washington County to help design and construct a system to prevent downstream migration of these AIS into Terrapin, Mays and Clear Lakes on properties of the Warner Nature Center and Wilder Forest.

On Thursday, the District Administrator and representatives of the Washington Conservation District will meet with Hay Lake residents to discuss possibilities of projects to reduce nutrients from their properties reaching the lake and to look at long range solutions to improving water quality in the District's 3rd ranked, priority impaired lake.