Management Plan Update Announcement : Input Request

The Carnelian Marine St. Croix Watershed District (CMSCWD) is updating its Watershed Management Plan. The District will be working to update the Plan over the next two years, following the process outlined in Minnesota Statutes 103B and Minnesota Rules 8410. The Watershed Management Plan outlines how CMSCWD will pursue its mission to protect and improve water resources within the District through collaboration with local units of government, citizens and other government agencies.

The Plan update is divided into four phases: Public Outreach, Draft Plan Development, Formal Plan Review, and Plan Adoption. Throughout the Plan update process, the District will be seeking input from stakeholders like you. The update process is a method for achieving watershed resource goals, best driven by the community in partnership with the local watershed group, stakeholders, government and other interest groups to help guide restoration work, enhance the ecosystem and preserve watershed resources for future generations.

For information on our Plan update including a timeline of the process, public listening session dates and locations, our current Plan and other Management Plan information visit our 10 Year Management Plan Update Page