Resource Management

The CMSCWD strives to proactively maintain or improve the quality and ecological integrity of all water resources in the district. The District recognizes the uniqueness of the lake, stream, wetland and groundwater resources and prepared separate resource management plans for each resource type. There is also a District understanding that resources are interrelated to each other. Management practices involve both the resource and the contributing watershed.

The District's resource management is driven by developing plans and implementation programs for individual water resouces or a sub-set of resource tupes, such as impaired lakes.  The overall management plan has contained individual lake plans since 2000.  The goals in these plans were developed with a great deal of community input and reflect the values that are most important to the lakeowners and users groups on the lake as well as the best science that the District and its consultants can bring to the process.

Individual stream plans were added with the 2010 Plan update as were general wetland and groundwater management plans.  All the plans are updatesd on a regular basis so they continue to represent current priorities.