Square Lake

In 2013 an Implementation Plan was completed for Square Lake. The objective of the plan was to recommend implementation activities to improve water quality. The highest priority implementation activities, now in the final year of implementation, are:

  • a three-year stocking suspension of rainbow trout in Square Lake to evaluate whether stocking suspension results in an increase in Daphnia pulicaria (tiny water bugs that eat aglae) and improve water clarity of the lake 
  • continued in-lake water quality monitoring 

Additional priority implementation activities that maintain or decrease the total phosphorus (that turns the lake green and smelly with algae) runoff to Square Lake and should be implemented following the trout stocking suspension include:

  • septic system pumping and upgrades to reduce phosphorus loading from groundwater
  • shoreline buffers, rain gardens, and lawn management activities to reduce phosphorus loading from surface water runoff