Water Monitoring

The District has monitored its lakes and streams since its inception. It participates in the Metropolitan Council’s Watershed Outlet Monitoring Program (WOMP) for both Carnelian and Silver Creeks.

With the inclusion of the Marine Watershed Management Organization area, the District assumed responsibility for over 20 spring creeks tributary to the St. Croix River and now monitors a total of 31 lakes and is gradually increasing the number of streams under its monitoring program. The trends established through monitoring become instrumental in both setting priorities and evaluating performance of its Focused Watershed Management Program.

Lake Data

Our lake data pages include each lakes lake Plan, water quality monitoring reports, lake facts sheets and current lake levels.To dig deeper and learn more, visit our LAKE DATA PAGE. CMSCWD and the Washington Conservation District (WCD) monitoring staff are continually updating these pages with new data and studies as they're made available.

Stream Data

The major components of the individual stream plans—Stream Status, Macro-invertebrate Data, Water Chemistry Data, and Overall Assessment—are found in Section V of the Management Plan. To dig deeper and learn more, visit our STREAM DATA PAGE

Past Monitoring of Water Quailty