Watershed Education

Part of the work of the watershed district is to educate residents of the watershed. The District strives to increase citizen understanding of watershed concepts, responsibilities and operations of a watershed district, the basics of water science and individual abilities to protect and enhance water resources.

Beginning in 2017 CMSCWD is partnering with neighboring Watershd Districts to sponsor watershed education to residents' school-age children at Warner Nature Center.  The Boards of Comfort Lake Forest Lake and Browns Creek Watershed Districts identified education as a key area for collaboration.  They agreed to join with the Board of CMSCWD to support cirriculum expansion at Warner Nature Center while increasing the reach of the District's previous program in 3 local elementary schools to as many as 11 schools in the 2017-18 school year.

From 1997 until 2016, the District had sponsored Watershed Wisdom—a watershed education program in area schools. Sally Leider, a dedicated teacher, environmentalist, and St. Croix River lover brought her passion to thousands of 5th grade students during that time.

The District also convenes neighborhood meetings and workshops  to educate residents about and get input from the community on water quality projects and best management practices.