197th Street Ravine

Groundbreaking at 197th St. ravine










The 197th Street Ravine in Scandia, which abuts 13 properties including land owned by the City of Scandia and within the St. Croix Scenic Riverway, has been eroding for nearly a decade. In 2012, the District hired Wenck Engineering to conduct a feasibility study for stabilizing and reconstructing it.

Two options were identified by the engineers: The first removes some of the overhead tree canopy on the south side of the ravine, installs a manhole at the end of the current culvert and directs flows into an additional 12-inch culvert down the reshaped ravine to a stilling pond. The second alternative would de-activate the existing culvert leading from the catch basin and redirect flows with a new culvert to the southeast to intersect a city platted street. Both options include a rain garden to capture and infiltrate the polluted runoff. In December of 2013 the final feasibility estimates projected the cost of option one at $73,400 and option 2 at $86,500.

At a community meeting to review project options, residents were supportive but expressed concern about tree loss and land disturbance and wanted to better understand the solutions. The District continuef to work with residents, the City and Wenck to address their issues.  District Managers assumed that the City would be dealing with 197th Street in the future and so, to save costs and minimize the loss of trees, the they chose to isolate the work in the existing ravine.  In late September of 2015 the District asked for bids on the project and signed a contract with low bidder Blackstone Contractors.

Construction began on Friday, November 13th and is expected to take several weeks.  Work to restore the wetland at the toe of the ravine is expected for the spring and summer of 2016 and will be done by local wetland specialists Critical Connections.  Please call the District with any questions.